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Mail Delivery
Reduce Employer's Liability
Save Money
Reduce overhead and labor expenses
Improve responsiveness of customer service, sales, and marketing departments
Improve cash flow
Customize your pickup and delivery schedules
Today's rough business environment has forced many companies to reduce their overhead and increase their competitiveness. Universal Mail Delivery Service's customers have discovered one important fact - Mail Delivery Service is an economy, not a luxury!

Most companies assign employees to make morning and/or late afternoon post office runs. Universal Mail Delivery Service can provide these scheduled services for you, less expensively than you can do it yourself! Save money, and keep your employees focused on the jobs they are paid to do!

Eliminate your management headaches and insurance liability concerns. Employee attendance, punctuality, and vacation time will no longer affect your bottom line.

With just one call you can increase the responsiveness of your customer service, sales, and marketing departments!

Universal Mail Delivery Service will deliver your mail using our highly efficient route systems. We will customize a schedule that works for you, of one or more stops per day.

Universal Mail Delivery Service is simply more efficient at moving mail than most companies. We really deliver - on time, every day, according to schedule. You don't need to think about it - you'll save money, reduce your labor force, and become more competitive. Receive the enhanced Mail Delivery Services that you thought you could never afford!

Mail Forwarding
Have you moved recently? Are you planning to move? How will you get your mail? Can you afford a several-day delay on each day's mail to be forwarded to your new location? Businesses that value prompt delivery of their mail appreciate our one-day Mail Forwarding capability!

Whether you move next door, or out of state, Universal Mail Delivery Service can forward your mail in as little as a single business day!

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